A house full of people and animals

    It depends on what you are used to. If you own a house or apartment with enough space and room to spare, you can have as many petsas you have time to care foras you can “stretch” financially. However, if there are small children and animals in the home, this is not the best combination. It is very important that children do not come into contact with sick animals, which can very easily happen. For this reason, it is better to keep the animal when the children are older. Until then, a dog or cat will do.
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    But again, the child should be introduced to both dogs and cats at a much later age to prevent the child from attacking the animals and to learn what they can and cannot do. If we do not want to create a “woodshed” household where we cannot care for pets that live in dirty fur and bedding, we should consider whether we are “overpopulating” our numbers. Another possible solution would be to donate some of the smaller family members to relatives or friends who would like to have a pet. Another problem that could arise is that the moment a pet is discovered as a member of the family, we now think about people who are allergic to fur. In fact, there are many different types of allergies. One may be allergic to cat hair, while another may be allergic only to dog hair.
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    Nowadays, of course, there are many allergists and there are medications that can be taken when allergies develop. However, some medications may be ineffective, and the allergy can lead to choking, rashes, and runny eyes and nose when that allergy is unbearable. Thus, if pleasure is a problem, you need to consult a doctor or take your pet to someone who will care for it. Humans and animals are obviously compatible, but certain guidelines and conditions must be followed. Otherwise, they could eventually become society\’s pets. No one wants that to happen.