Healthy air in the apartment

    The air we breathe in the house is often of a much lower quality than the air outside. If thorough ventilation does not help you and you suffer from repeated viral diseases, bronchitis or allergies, then consider buying an air purifier. Because clean air is useful not only for allergy sufferers, but also for children and adults who suffer from frequent respiratory diseases.
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    Poisons in the air

    Modern air purifiers are able to capture almost all pollutants in the air. Very dangerous substances such as cadmium and benzo-a-pyrene often bind to volatile dust. 1. Another advantage of the purifier is the ability to disinfect the air, thereby eliminating some of the viruses and bacteria contained in it.
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    The problem of buying a purifier with an air ionizer can sometimes seem unnecessary. But it\’s good to know that the air in our environment is already ionized. It contains different ratios of negatively and positively charged ions. After the storm, the most noticeable outside. But it is good for our health that there are more negative ions in the air, so-called anions. It makes us breathe better. The ionizer adds these anions to the air, so it leans towards the cleaner with the ionizer.

    Modern technology

    You will no longer find fans in today\’s cleaners. Air circulation is provided by a system of electrodes. Thanks to this, the cleaner has almost no noise and does not interfere with sleep. So you can put it in the children\’s room or bedroom and keep it running 24 hours a day. Choose a cleaner without replaceable filters. Some manufacturers have a lifetime warranty on the filter, because these bodies do not change, but only pull out and rinse under water. This will significantly reduce operating costs. A more expensive and modern variant is a nano-cleaner, in which air passes through a photocatalytic filter, which is not cleaned at all.
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    In addition to low noise, the cost of electricity consumed has fallen significantly in recent years. As a rule, manufacturers indicate the price of electricity consumed in the range of 1-1 crown per day 2. So, even the acquisition of 3 cleaners to the apartment will not increase your monthly household expenses in an unbearable amount. Perhaps, on the contrary, you will notice that you are healthier and spend less money on medicines for cough and nasal congestion. If you succeed, you can buy another for the living room or children\’s room.