How to plan your dream home?

    Functional layout, i.e. layout and number of rooms, is the most important factor when choosing a home. At this stage, it is worth answering some questions that define our needs in order to ultimately choose the project that best suits us. So what should we define?
    What is our lifestyle? Do we often have guests? Do we work at home? How many household members live in our future home? Do we need a lot of storage space? How and where do we spend our free time? cooking at home? How many cars do you plan and need a garage for each?
    The answer to the above question will allow you to better imagine the future house and better plan its functional elements.
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    Living room

    Usually we spend a lot of time on it – rest, receiving guests, playing with children. So, let\’s see, what else should there be besides the sofa? Do you want the living room to be an open space, overlooking the kitchen, connected to the dining room or maybe the garden? If you want to warm up by the fireplace on a winter evening, then design a suitable place for the fireplace, as in the case of TV or music equipment.
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    Technical room: Boiler room, pantry, laundry

    Every house must have heating. The boiler room is often included in the house as a separate utility room. This combination of functions is very convenient if you do not need a room reserved for washing and drying. If cooking is your passion, you like to make jam and jam, it is worth considering the pantry. To make it convenient, the pantry should be on the communication path between the kitchen and the garage, so that we can easily unpack the shopping.


    This is the first room we enter from the outside. This is where we usually leave clothes, shoes and umbrellas after returning from work… That is why the hallway is a great place to store these things. For home projects, cabinets and wardrobes are usually designed here, so all the necessary clothes and items are in their place and do not get confused.

    Room information

    The number and size of the rooms determine the number of members of the household and the way we spend time. Do you want to be more frequent in a common area or do you want to spend most of your time each in your room? Whether we work at home or often have guests – a positive answer can cause the need for additional rooms in the form of laboratories or rooms.