Tax breaks for the good-hearted

    Symbolic of the state\’s interest in co-locating the nonprofit sector are the various tax incentives and benefits for donors who contribute to the nonprofit sector. The exact wording is contained in the Income Tax Law, which will be amended in the next few years, but important provisions will still remain.
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    We often hear the argument, “I need money too, so people should donate to me. After all, if people are interested enough to give me money, why not? After all, there are many tools available to “make money” this way. But you will find it very difficult to convince people to give someone money for nothing. After all, the non-profit sector has more than enough experience in this, and it is really a constant PR battle to get funding from the private sector. This is because society has so many problems, so many nonprofits, and so much funding is needed everywhere. If a nonprofit wants to do some really good work in a certain area, it always needs funding.
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    And this is where you come in

    Tax incentives are one of the less invasive means governments have to motivate citizens to take some economic action. After all, all household finances are up to you and you must make your own choices. That is why private citizens have the option of writing off a percentage of their taxes, and that is why many people hear about this. Because not only will they have more money to spend on their own purposes, but nonprofits will also breathe easier because more money means more people will donate, and while one might say that donating five-tenths is a bigger sacrifice than five-one-thousandths, not everyone is selfless enough to live on half the outlay for others not