Electricity and gas are cheaper

    These two variables are taking a lot of money out of the “capsule,” which is just not enough. So many citizens of this country are looking for cheaper and cheaper supplies of these energies. But how will they find it? How do they calculate how much they will pay in total? [Will they really save money?
    This question is debatable. One could argue that one pays less per cubic meter or per wattof beer, but other charges must also be considered. Therefore, people are switching elsewhere in the belief that they can reduce the burden on their household budgets. Whether this is true or not is for each individual to decide.
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    The lack of satisfaction with the existing suppliers is proven by the figures I have obtained from OTE (Electricity Market Operator). This operator actually publishes the switching of customers from one existing supplier to another, and the percentage is as high as one-third. In other words, they are using electricity. And this is said to be a record number of changes for this particular energy.
    Indeed, it is important to take into account that prices have risen again, but maybe not so specific indicators. Changes in commercial terms of trade, “tweaking” of contracts in favor of providers, and a host of other factors may have contributed to this.
    In 2,171years, 360,000 customers changed suppliers.
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    If you too want to change energy suppliers of any kind, and for any reason at all, be sure to think and calculate properly beforehand. Above all, consider that quitting your current supplier is not always free. Never let anything be forced upon you,and certainly never play “quickie” on the street. In most cases, you will pay the price later. You will lose both money and illusions as a result.
    Do not be tempted by door-to-door salespeople either. Simply study everything you sign, even if you have to use glasses or a magnifying glass to do so. There are many scammers in our country.