Protest or entertainment?

    Our generation lives in a democracy. We cannot imagine what it must have been like to not be able to travel abroad, to not have enough variety of food, or to struggle to attend the school of our choice. Naturally, there is much more to it than that, including the free expression of our opinions. Fortunately, there are brave people who have contributed greatly to what we have today. Fighting for the well-being of ourselves and our country is fine, but isn\’t that sometimes going too far?
    We freely express our opinions on the Internetand no one is afraid to speak up. But sometimes it seems that it is no longer about disagreeing with something or someone, but about proving to oneself that one person is better than another.
    protestující dav
    And then there are
    demonstrations [13]. These, of course, are the benefits of a democracy, as long as everything follows the rules and protests are reported and approved in time. Nevertheless, we also encounter illegal protests. This is usually the fault of extremist movements. [14] But even orderly demonstrations can go wrong. I have a feeling that demonstrations will become a kind of social sensation.” It\’s Saturday, what are you going to do if you don\’t go to a demonstration?” And so on. Of course, there is a certain exaggeration in this statement that some may find offensive. On the other hand, honestly, how many people in the entire crowd really want change and go to protest? Isn\’t the majority of people who go just because they are there? And finally, those who go just to fight take it as an opportunity for offensive entertainment.
    Before you go to a demonstration, make sure you know what you are protesting against. We are protesting against all kinds of things. I don\’t mean to diminish the importance of these demonstrations, but everyone should think about it a little and not go just to be a “sheep” and be grumpy.
    protestující dav
    There are many options in our country today that we didn\’t have before. Of course, when injustice happens to us, we should speak up and address the situation, but we must also learn to appreciate what we have and not take everything for granted. So if the protest is against something worth fighting for, yes, if it appeals to the senses of the crowd, let\’s go to a concert or a drink at a bar instead.