Fatigue and flu remedies

    There is still time. You are healthy, go to work, and watch with bated breath as your colleagues around you are affected by the flu. There is nothing to worry about, but you need to take precautions.
    It is sometimes harder – but more enjoyable – to be powerful and therefore healthy than to be impotent (read the word “sick” and you will notice what it actually means). So don\’t look for opportunities to get the flu unnecessarily. Pathogens are airborne. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, do not use public transportation, but use your own car, bicycle, moped, or walk. Of course, this is only if the commuting distance permits.

    Zázvorový léčivý čaj

    Walk because being in the fresh air boosts your immune system. Walk in any weather. Even if it\’s raining, it\’s beautiful. The air is clean, your lungs thank you, walking gets oxygen to your head, your brain clears, your heart strengthens, and your health soars.
    Not to mention that if you already have to use mass transportation, draping can also protect you from infection. However, a safe distance and good health must be maintained.

    bylinkový čaj s medem

    Don\’t drink coffee at work; brew herbal or cleansing teas. If you have a sweet tooth, get real honey as a natural remedy. However, it is from a real “honey maker”. Forget hypermarkets and honey mixes. For herbs, use mint, linden, sage, elderflower, and purple dandelion. A tincture of lily of the valley is also wonderful. Even if you don\’t like herbs, try elm tea and you may change your mind. Not only does it boost your defenses, but it smells wonderful and tastes delicious.
    When you get back from work, I suggest taking a lavender bath in the evening or warming yourself with ginger tea or lemon and honey.