What Coffee Can Do

    Many of us cannot imagine a day without coffee. The majority of us drink coffee first thing in the morning when we wake up. Just the smell of freshly roasted coffee is enough to put us in a pleasant mood. The most common reason for drinking coffee is its stimulant effect due to its caffeine content. But did you know that there is more to it than that? If you enjoy a really good cup of coffee without milk or sugar, you are definitely doing something beneficial for your health. What does this drink do for your body? It is not just an instant boost. This drink does much more than that. 6]

    Coffee\’s beneficial effects on the body

    • Stimulate and energize
    • Increase attention and concentration
    • Alzheimer\’s disease and Parkinson\’s disease
    • Prevent central stroke
    • Suppress appetite and cravings for sweets and aid in weight loss
    • Have a positive effect on skin and hair
    • [27 Caffeine dilates blood vessels in the airways, so coffee makes breathing easier

    • Reduces risk of cancer and diabetes
    • Drinking coffee right before sports improves performance

    When and how much to drink?
    Of course, the adage that drinking too much of anything is bad for you applies here as well. So how much is too much and how much is normal? The maximum recommended daily dose of caffeine is about 400 mg, which is equivalent to four cups of coffee in a liter volume.


    Is drinking on an empty stomach a yes or no? Drinking on an empty stomach is not recommended, as the substances produced during roasting stimulate the gastric mucosa and also increase the secretion of gastric juice.
    Which is healthier?
    The healthiest way to brew coffee is considered to be to filter it. Studies show that filtered coffee may even increase life expectancy. Drip coffee has also performed well in tests.