Decorate your home with Christmas lights. Even your balcony or terrace deserves to be lit up.

    Christmas is the most beautiful holiday of the year, so you need to prepare properly. Decorated gardens, terraces, windows and balconies look beautiful in the winter landscape and remind us that the most wonderful time of the year is waiting for us. Even if you don\’t have a large yard or live in only one apartment, you can decorate the outside of your apartment or house as well as the inside. Illuminations are all the rage this year, and according to leading designers, they should shine everywhere this year.

    zlatá vánoční ozdoba na stromek

    LED lights are the best solution and should never be skipped


    Whether you are decorating an entire yard or just a balcony or window, always choose LED lights and LED chains. This is because you will save a lot of power consumption and won\’t have to worry about your annual bill. However, do not buy LED lights from cheap vendors or beware of stalls in Vietnamese markets. As an initial investment, these lights may seem like a good, cheap solution, but in the end they usually end up costing you money. Poor quality lights may stop working before Santa Claus arrives, and that is not a good bargain. If you have a large yard, consider ready-made decorations that can be placed and plugged into sockets, such as a glowing snowman or Christmas tree.
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    Take advantage of what you already have in your yard, patio, or balcony. Do you have ornamental trees growing, a well, or a railing? Wrap lights around everything and you have a Christmas decoration. Your neighbors will be amazed. Let\’s not forget about the animals that live around us in the winter. If you have the skills, make and hang a bird feeder. Fill it with bird food and put some lights on the birdhouse. Often it really is the little things that can do wonders. When it comes to color, remember that less is more. Don\’t go for multicolored lights and opt for monochromatic candles. This year, go for mainly cold colors: white and pale yellow. The rest of the decorations should match that.