Frontierland, a western town in Euro Disneyland

    Who does not know Disneyland? It is a place where even adults return to their childhood, immerse themselves in fairy tales, experience adventure, and savor moments of joy.
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    The atmosphere of the Wild West, the sound of guns, gold digging towns – Frontierland offers all this and more.
    This Europark land offers a glimpse of the western towns familiar from the movies. Frontierland offers a glimpse of the familiar western towns of the movies. The town has a real tavern and offers a popular can-can dance.
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    Big Thunder MountainHřmící hora[18
    Big Thunder Mountain is a wooden structure that not only forms the entrance to the park, but is also the most visited attraction. Here, visitors can watch scenes from western movies come to life. A high-speed mining train takes you through hidden tunnels to other attractions. If you want to view the Thunder Mountain from the water, another attraction is available. The gentle steamboat will surely entice you.
    You can test your shooting skills at the shooting range, but don\’t worry, you won\’t encounter any real bullets.
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    Tarzan or Pocahontas?

    At the end of town, there are some lesser-known attractions. There is a farm with livestock, a Pocahontas Indian village with benches, and various activities for children (swings, slides). At the end of Frontierland there is a Tarzan show, where visitors can experience life in the jungle and see many animals.
    Frontierland is a great place for families to experience the Wild West.
    Every day at Disneyland ends with fireworks. As the sun sets, Tinker Bell, a little fairy from Neverland, lights up the sky above Sleeping Beauty\’s castle with her wand. This fireworks display is a most wonderful spectacle and an experience not only for children, but for many adults as well.