When Predators Become Hunted Animals

    The documentary,In the Net, was created as a project against child sexual abuse and the Internet. The documentary is intended to highlight the fact that children, especially girls, are exposed to sexual predators as soon as they register their profiles on social networks. This documentary has been talked about for a year now, but is anyone actively trying to spread awareness of this issue themselves? The answer is yes! And thankfully, there are not a few of them.holčička na louce
    YouTube Channel STN Video
    This up-and-coming young Youtuber decided to try for himself what the actresses in the aforementioned documentary were doing, and in a video titledHunting Sexual Predators Online, he set up a fake profile of a 13-year-old on a dating site The site is supposed to be over 15 years old, but it is not. Although the site is 15 years old or older, a 12-year-old girl can find room to chat with a 20-year-old girl. Within 10 minutes of setting up his profile, he received five message requests from men between the ages of 40 and 60. In the video, he mentions his conversations with these men, virtually demonstrating the documentary itself.
    Youtuber Ewitch
    Ewitch also decided to make a video on the subject and chose her own experience with predators. 19] In a video titled In the net: my experience with “perverts”
    , she confesses her own experiences with these sexual predators from childhood and describes her own experiences with them, In what may seem like an innocuous conversation, she explains to young girls in a nonviolent way what to watch out for, what they should never do, and what is really very bad.
    Youtuber Mishell Schrei
    This mommy blogger and Youtuber did something similar to Ewitch. She responded to the documentary In the Net – Was I a Victim?by uploading a video to YouTube, in which she also confesses her personal experiences with sex offenders. In this video, she mentions, for example, how easy it was to lure sex offenders without the Internet, and what it was like to live with a sex offender without suspecting anything until a certain point.muž - model
    Duo India Project
    These two friends have also produced YouTube videos, two of which are specifically about the hunt for sex offenders. Using their friends\’ photos, they set up profiles onBadooposing as 14-year-old girls. The goal was to meet and interview one of them, but that didn\’t work out. The video is titledChasing Pervertts on the Internet – A Social Experiment and has a similar second part.

    After all, that was Mr. Kulczak\’s goal. Hopefully, more and more people will learn about and talk about this issue, and we can get rid of predators.