Microsoft Office

    Today, most people know what MS Office is, what it includes, and how to work with it. But if you didn\’t get the package for free when you were a student, or didn\’t get Office for free when you were an office student, you will probably be surprised at the price.
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    There is a reason for the price of Office
    The price of Office is set so that everyone can afford it, but the average wage is calculated based on Western countries, where the average wage is still 7,000 yen higher than assumed here. In practice, however, this means that the price of Office for a year is almost 2,000 kronor.

    What is included in this package?

    • Microsoft Word
    • microsoft excel

    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Microsoft Skype for Business
    • Microsoft OneNoteprocházení internetu

    • Microsoft Publisher

    • Microsoft Access

    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft OneDrive[55]

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    For these services, one would pay approximately SEK 1,900. The biggest advantage of this package is that every time the creator upgrades, it is updated to the latest version of the entire Office.

    The biggest difference is price
    Microsoft Office 365 costs less than 2,000 kronor per year, can be used online from any computer, and has all the benefits of OneDrive, automatic storage, and free minutes on Microsoft Skype, whereas standard Microsoft Office costs about 5,000 kroner for an individual. This version confuses you forever, does not update, but also does not expire after one year. So if you don\’t need the latest version of Office and just want to install a one-off package, you can use Office offline forever with one license. That said, the price is higher.

    [66] Disadvantages of Microsoft Office compared to Office 365 [67] [68
    Microsoft does not update to the latest version. In other words, if you purchase an offline Office package with 2016 numbers (the latest update that was available in early 2017) and a programmer develops a new version of Office with 2019 numbers a year later, the offline version will not be updated and will remain with 2016 numbers This means that the latest updates and enhancements will not be available. In other words, they will not receive the latest updates and enhancements.

    Microsoft Office, however, can be replaced by other editors that have comparable functionality and are not profitable but are free. These mainly include OpenOffice and OfficeLibre.