Social Networks, or Invasion of Privacy

    It is common today that most people have an account on at least one social network. Not only the younger generation, but even their parents and grandparents for that matter, have succumbed to this trend. They are the ones who happily share their experiences on vacations and events with their neighbors in the form of photos that they post on their social networks. But they clearly do not realize that they are creating a dangerous situation, both for themselves and for their children.
    What are they themselves constantly telling the younger generation? Don\’t post pictures of yourself, don\’t post where you live, don\’t post personal information. Unfortunately, they are right, and this is really what is happening. People who enter their current address in their profiles and post pictures of their entire family having fun on a Greek beach in the summer are no strangers to this. Often, when these people arrive home, an unpleasant surprise awaits them, and a nice vacation quickly turns into a nightmare.
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    But this is just one example among many. As we have already pointed out, the posting of pictures of young children by parents is also extremely dangerous. Parents are often not shy about posting information such as where their children attend school. If an older gentleman posts such a picture and one sees it, it is bad and totally unnecessary.
    But this does not only apply to young children. Most at risk are teenagers and young girls. In the name of pleasing the prince of their dreams, they post many daring pictures to attract his attention. Unfortunately, in most cases, instead of attracting their target group, they attract people who are dangerous to them. From the information they reveal about themselves on social networks, it is not difficult for anyone to contact them or track them down.
    Therefore, we should be more careful about what we say about ourselves, to whom we confide, and above all, where and what we confide, for our own benefit.
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    So how should we act to protect our privacy?

    1. not reveal your current location.
    2. if you are going on vacation, only let your loved ones know, not the entire online world.
    3. do not put your phone number on your profile.
    4. do not post information about your personal life (new relationships, marriages, breakups, etc.)
    5. do not post where you are or what you are doing.