Friendly and relaxed Znoimo

    [8 It belongs to the South Moravian region and is its second largest city. It is located in Podyjí National Park and its nature is really so beautiful.
    The location of Znojmo is convenient not only in terms ofgrape cultivation, but also in terms of proximity to Austria. German-speaking neighbors often see here, because the border is located only 7 kilometers from Znoimo.
    pohled na Znojmo
    Znojmo is a winemaker\’s paradise and there is no doubt about it, with wine bars in every corner and vineyards behind the city. Neighboring villages offer comfortable seats in the basement, and tourists like to come here and often return. 1. One of the famous villages directly adjacent to Znojmo and conveniently accessible on foot is Novzaldorf. About 180 cellars, located in a small village, certainly prove the fact that the inhabitants of the winery here are really engaged intensively.
    hrozen vína
    But there are also Znoimobreathtaking sights, which undoubtedly include Znoimo Castle with the circular architecture of St. Catalina, Louk Monastery, St. Nicholas Cathedral, or the underground Znoimo. This is what attracts visitors with its mysterious and touching history, and during the summer, when it is hot outside, it can also comfortably cool the inside. In any case, the unique execution of the maze of corridors and basements is worth a visit. It measures up to 27 kilometers and is the largest underground system in the Czech Republic.
    cyklista a vinice
    The historical center of the city is beautiful, you can walk, or you can take a travel train that will take you to more distant places
    For lovers of walking, hiking and cycling, Znojmo is perfect. The number of bike paths for healthy people and less trained cyclists will allow you to get to interesting and beautiful places nearby. You can also visit nearby Austria. On warm summer days, guests can take advantage of the modern swimming pool of the Loukého Monastery.
    However, you can also visit Znoimo in the fall, when the traditional Znoimo vintages are rich in cultural programs, historical costumes and especially wine and burchak tastings take place here.
    Those who have visited Znojmo once will love it forever and will be happy to come back here again.