How to enjoy the second half of the holidays

    Read a book

    Reading and summer go together perfectly. Pick a book you\’ve always been curious about and read it on a blanket under a tree. Then, when the summer rains chase you away, curl up by the window, breathe in the fresh air, and continue reading.

    Take a nap after lunch

    An afternoon nap is healthy. After lunch on weekends, stretch and rest your body. You will regain strength and energy for your next adventure.

    Collect shells and pebbles

    Sometimes it is nice to do something for no reason. It relaxes the mind and fills it with joy. Take a walk on the beach and look for pretty shells or collect interesting pebbles. Before you go home, put them all back where they belong.


    Create a relaxing summer hairstyle for your head

    . All you need is a sea salt spray and natural curls. You can do this by braiding two to four braids at night, unraveling them in the morning, and combing your hair lightly with your fingers. Then spray with salt spray and voila!

    Go barefoot

    Take off your shoes and go barefoot wherever you can: the beach, the park, by the lake. The arches of your feet will be massaged, improving circulation and balance. In addition, you will be more in touch with nature.

    Go skinny dipping

    Remember your youth. Going skinny dipping. Go early in the morning, wear nothing, and feel nothing but water at its best. Leave your shame behind, swim, dive, and splash.


    Scents bring back memories of summer

    It has long been proven by scientists that scents evoke memories and emotions in the brain. Did you wash every night during your vacation with coconut-scented shower oil? Buy some for your home now so you can return to your vacation spot every time you take a shower. You\’ll be back to the relaxing atmosphere of your vacation in no time.

    Make your own marmalade

    Preserve the flavors of summer in a jar. Make your own marmalade. You may use strawberries, apricots, plums, or blackberries. Once you have the fruit ingredients, clean jars, sugar, and lemon juice, get started. But do not forget patience.