What do you use in your daily life?

    There are subjects that you undeniably use in everyday life and there are subjects that you just pass and study for the exam and then forget it all again after the exam. Which subjects can be used practically?
    Travel is very popular these days and you can go almost anywhere without problems. So a basic knowledge of geography can really help you in your life. It would be useful to always have a classic map in your pocket or download a map to your cell phone. Of course, using an electronic device is easier, but a classic map is a backup. And it\’s nice to be able to read them. And you learn it in geography.
    kompas na mapě
    Certainly math doesn\’t tell us everything. You\’re going to use knowledge related to merchant calculus, percentages, and trinomials. It may be useful to calculate the contents and volume of solids, but that is more or less the exception. If you are not going to a school that uses math, then you will really only use it minimally.
    Languages are really emphasized these days. How many languages one knows is how many times one is human. But the problem lies in the level of language education. The most appropriate is of course native speakers, but in some schools it is really boring. If the teacher speaks Czech throughout the lesson and seems to be one or two lessons ahead of you, know that this subject is really useless for you.
    vzdělávání dospělých
    Fundamentals of Civics and Social Sciences
    You may be surprised, but civics is useful in life. Awareness about law and politics is really useful and this knowledge will help you in your life. The only thing that few people use is philosophy.

    Education is more or less an entertainment subject, but still useful. Physical education should expose you to the possibilities of sports, and modern parents often fail to do this; art education reveals talent; music education is mere relaxation.