The Ferrari F40 or the perfect Italian man

    The ride is similar to taming a “wild horse” under the hood and may require skills as a driver, but it is the desire of every boy and man. Perhaps, not only the male part of the population is attracted by this car. However, driving in this fairly historic vehicle is the only vehicle that resembles the F1 when driving, although it does not hold the steering wheel firmly straight and will soon find itself off the road.
    modely Ferrari
    Where did the Ferrari F40 come from?

    Since the end of the 1980s, everything has affected the automotive industry, not only by the impact of political and social changes in the eastern countries, but also by many events, such as the recession, the appropriateness of new safety standards. Therefore, no one expected the birth of a sports “toy” from an Italian workshop named Ferrari F40.

    The original intention was to become a Group B racing car. But in the end it was the reality that it became an iconic road car, as Enzo Ferrari himself gave the impetus to develop it into a completely exclusive road car. It is also the last car personally approved by Enzo Ferrari.

    Ferrari jako hračka
    Why Ferrari F40?

    This great sports car was created on 40 occasions. Anniversary of the creation of the famous Italian car brand. This, in short, is a car that is built on the basis of an Italian character – an uncompromising one. The equipment can evoke great views and can look ridiculous, but do not expect a car radio, air conditioner, etc. But in the interior, at the same time it acts and evokes respect. In particular, he can boast of his performance.

    What is driving in the legendary Ferrari F40?

    It is adrenaline that holds the steering wheel of this sports car. What about that ride?! Although it should be borne in mind that this is already a legend that Holt remembers something. Therefore, it may not be so comfortable to sit in this type of Ferrari. Perhaps for many, the ride is more or less an effort to tame the “wildlife” under the hood. Even just shifting in this vehicle requires strong arms, so you need to be a skilled driver and have power.

    But believe that if you know how to do it in a car, they will easily obey you and be tamed. You will be able to ride quickly on the asphalt. But this is the first car that managed to go at a magical speed of 320 km/h.