Cars in bazaars

    Cars are really popular nowadays. Many people drive automobiles almost absolutely everywhere. For example, they travel, they go to school and work. I remember when I was a senior in high school, I was already 18 years old and almost half of my school already had their own cars. But I didn\’t even have a driver\’s license yet. I was ashamed to admit it, but I wanted to drive a car too. But I knew I wanted to repay her someday, so I asked my parents if I could buy a cheap car from a car dealership, too.

    Tmavá auta se mi moc líbí.

    My parents were absolutely terrified. They said that once I got my driver\’s license, I might consider it, and they absolutely could not understand why I would want a car when I didn\’t even have a license yet. So I told my parents that I think I already have a car and that they would automatically pay for my driver\’s license and I could go to driving school. But my parents said they don\’t have that kind of money right now. When I said, “I\’m saving my own part-time job and pocket money,” they looked at me like I was an owl. They had no idea I was saving up to get my license. I wasn\’t saving for a car at all.

    Rychlé jízdy nemám ráda.

    Because it costs money. Of course, I had already been to a couple of car dealers and found a much cheaper car. The car didn\’t cost 30,000 kronor, so I told my parents I had found a really cheap car. My parents told me to wait one more year, because at least when I turned 19 I would be another year wiser. Besides, I told my parents that I had no intention of driving fast at all and that I wanted to drive slowly because I was afraid of driving fast. Then, fortunately, my parents were relieved. Eventually I got my driver\’s license, and six months later my parents gave me a car.