Menstrual Cups Make Your Life Easier

    No woman likes to have her period. A menstrual cup can make those days a little easier. A menstrual cup is a sanitary product that can be used repeatedly during menstruation. They are made of soft silicone or latex. Silicone is usually used in the medical industry and is known to cause few allergic reactions. Latex, on the other hand, often causes allergic reactions. Research shows that cups are far superior to tampons. The material of the cup is free of bacteria and contains no chemicals. A major advantage of menstrual cups is that they do not leak menstrual blood if inserted correctly. They are also suitable for any sport. From cycling to swimming. Also, there is no need to give up the menstrual cup at night.
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    How do I use a menstrual cup?

    Don\’t worry if you can\’t use it properly. It depends on your grip and the correct position to insert the cup. You should not feel it when you put it on. If you are not confident the first time you insert the cup, do not be afraid to use a slip liner. Insert the cup for the first time before your period begins and find the position that works best for you. If you have placed the cup anywhere, sterilize it by boiling it for 5 minutes before using it again.
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    When using during menstruation, remove the cup and rinse with clean water. A squatting position and the use of lubricating gel are recommended to facilitate insertion. However, this is not always necessary. Always keep hands clean when handling the cup. The cup holds approximately 30 ml of fluid and should be emptied every 4-12 hours, depending on the strength of your period.
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    Long service life and satisfaction guarantee

    Once you try this gadget, you will not want any other way. It is a matter of habit. Using a menstrual cup is not only convenient for you, it is consequently economical. You don\’t have to think for a month about the need to buy tampons or napkins or whether you have enough napkins on hand. For the modern woman, this product has a lifespan of 5-15 years. And this will definitely be appreciated by all women. Prices start at 300 CZK.