Social Networks

    – Facebook – Who doesn\’t know Facebook? The most widely used app in the world. You can share photos and videos, add friends, join groups, create your own page, etc.
    – Instagram – Instagram is similar to Facebook, the main function is to share photos
    – Snapchat – an app to send photos that disappear after a while, there are various effects so you can have a lot of fun
    – Youtube – You can play videos on ytb, of course you can upload them, there are videos for everyone
    – Whatsapp – you can send messages and make calls for free on whatsapp, so super tips!
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    – Twitter – share your thoughts, ideas, status, etc
    – Twitch – great for streaming


    – Candy crush saga – million puzzles and brain training, obviously not as good as PC, At least it\’s something
    – Subway Surfers – great action game, set in various cities, you run from the cops through the station
    – 8 Ball Pool – totally classic pool game, multiplayer
    – Hay Day – who doesn\’t want to own a farm? Who doesn\’t want to own a farm? In this game you can make your dream come true!
    – Angry Birds – Who doesn\’t like angry birds?
    – Pokemon go – A game that makes you want to go out looking for Pokemon. It\’s good for your health because you go out for walks, and that\’s not all! The app is brilliantly made and you\’ll be hooked.
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    Music apps

    – Spotify – Best app for playing music, lots of jokes, and often new favorite songs

    Photo and video editing

    – Vsco – By far the best photo editing app. This is the one for you. Easy to understand and effective.