Playing with statues and walking

    The statue play seems to be based on the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. Like all the inhabitants of the castle, they fell asleep and stopped moving at precisely one moment, namely when Princess Beauty stuck her finger on the spindle in an attempt to land on the spinning wheel and fell asleep. Likewise, the players in the statue game stop moving the moment one of the players, the sculptor, shouts: “Don\’t move!” .

    narozeninová oslava

    Statue games should be played with many players. One player is chosen to be the sculptor, whose job is to move the unmoving statues and make them laugh. The players enjoy moving freely around a space (a garden, a park, a forest, a room, or even a corner of a restaurant), but when the sculptor shouts “Don\’t move! the players are free to move around freely in a certain space (a garden, a park, a forest, a room, or a corner of a restaurant). The sculptor then chooses one of the statues, fixes its hair, raises its hand, turns its head, and says something funny. Which method he chooses is up to his imagination, wit, and ideas. At the same time, he observes the other players. The other players must not move or laugh. If any player breaks this, he will not last long and will drop out of the game. The player who stays in the solid position of the statue all the way to the end, without moving or laughing, wins the game. That person becomes the sculptor for the next round.

    hra na peška

    The game of walking around is more for young children, but adults can participate and teach the game. One player is chosen to be the pawn. The other players sit in a circle on the ground and cover their eyes. The pawn walks around it, and the children recite the nursery rhyme: “The pawn passes by, don\’t look. A pawn passes by, don\’t look. This way or that way, let\’s hit it with the broom”. Here the pawn pats the child on the back and runs around the circle. The child whom the pawn touches also chases after the pawn. The pawn immediately tries to get to its own free place. It is a kind of thrilling chase to see who is faster. If the pawn succeeds in taking the free spot, the player who did not catch it becomes the pawn. If the player who was turned into a pawn fails to escape and take his place, he remains a pawn in the next round.