Can cell phones replace computers?

    Currently, there are certain boundaries between smartphones and computers, but this may change in the future. Computers have been constantly evolving since the first half of the last century. In other words, replacing computers with cell phones may be just the next step in evolution. Already today, cell phones are more powerful than or comparable to computers of only a decade ago.
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    Smartphones are powerful enough, but it is still difficult to find someone who would rather work on a handheld device than on a computer with a full-size keyboard and a large monitor.
    Smartphone manufacturers have recently tried to bridge the gap between computers and smartphones with features like the Samsung DEX. The user experience turns into a classic desktop with icons and windows keyboard shortcut apps just like a computer.
    The problem is that while it is convenient to connect to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse as a workstation, and certainly work started on a small mobile screen can continue smoothly in the comfort of a larger monitor, carrying these peripherals on the go is very inconvenient, and the traditional This means that they are not comparable to laptops.
    The mobile devices we carry with us are great for entertainment and communication, but if you want to be productive, there is no substitute for a keyboard and mouse. Always-connected Windows laptops with Qualcomm mobile processors prove that notebooks will undergo an interesting evolution in the immediate future. In the future, laptops with LTE connectivity and all-day battery life will combine the strengths of mobile with the productivity of a keyboard and mouse.
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    Smartphones and personal computers will mimic each other in the future, but one is unlikely to completely replace the other. For those who can get by with web browsing and simple office work, cell phones may already be a sufficient substitute for computers. But professionals who create new content and need high performance, long battery life, and an efficient keyboard will not simply replace their computers with cell phones.