The Rubik’s Cube

    As the name suggests, the inventor of this puzzle isErněrubik, a Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture. 彼はキューブを発明しました1974.At At that time, it literally became a hit. It was produced in the million-th series and became even the best-selling product on the planet. In addition to the cube, Rubik is also the author of other puzzles, such as the Rubik\’s Snake and the space ball, which help the gyroscope to strengthen the hand. But none of these ideas have achieved such great popularity.skládání kostky
    But let\’s return to the Rubik\’s Cube. In today\’s modern age, when young people mainly enjoy electronic games, spend time at the computer or communicate mainly through social networks, Rhino After all, it is not as simple as it looks. The goal is to rearrange the pieces so that each side contains only 1 color. But many fold only one side of this 6-sided cube. There is also a video tutorial on how to fold the cube, which allows you to perform the procedure step by step. But it is definitely more fun to try it yourself and engage your imagination and brain.
    At the same time as the original, the most popular variant of the Rubik\’s cube is 3x3x3.But today there are a large number of sizes, types and shapes on the market. 最も小さいのはメガサイズまで2x2x2で始まります7x7x7.In In addition to classic cubes, you can choose from a variety of offset variations when folding colors and when folding shapes instead of colors. On the cube, you can also create various images, such as a map of the world. There are also atypical variants, not in the form of cubes, but in the form of pyramids. This form is called a pyramid.Or the so-called mega-minks, which are atypical shapes consisting of 12 walls.různé typy kostek
    Therefore, today we are mostly accustomed to practically having fun, but it turns out that the mechanical folding of the Rubik\’s cube is a good alternative to spending free time or relaxing. It takes a little patience and practice. There are many variations of this puzzle, so you can be sure that you will definitely not get bored when composing it.