Have you ever suffered from epilepsy?

    Epilepsy, also known as “epilepsy,” is as old as mankind. It affects 2% of the population, can affect anyone, and most importantly, can be encountered in your lifetime. How do you know if someone close to you has epilepsy and how can you help them if they have a seizure?
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    Epilepsy is characterized by recurrent seizures, which are actually transient disturbances in brain function. Seizures are caused by abnormal electrical discharges in a group of neurons in the brain and can be triggered by, for example, flickering light, lack of sleep, irregular routines, alcohol, or other irritants. In some cases, seizures are mild and may be only faint twitches that are unnoticeable to those around them. In many cases, however, the course is more severe, and the seizures are accompanied by severe convulsions, followed by unconsciousness.
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    Types of epilepsy.
    2. Acquired – triggered by various head traumas, infections, vascular disease, tumors.
    What should you do if someone in your neighborhood has epileptic seizures?
    Epileptic seizures can appear very dramatic, so do not be alarmed and, above all, remain calm. Lay the person on his/her side so that the tongue does not stick out, and do not move the person unnecessarily. Keep anything that could cause injury out of the patient\’s reach. Once the seizure has subsided, remove any obstacles in the mouth, such as food or inserted teeth, to help calm the patient. Remember to call for medical help.
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    Treatment of Epilepsy:
    If the patient has recurrent seizures, appropriate medication should be started to prevent abnormal electrical activity. If the patient is known to have epilepsy, some basic rules should be followed to prevent recurrence of seizures:
    – Do not drink alcohol
    – Live a regular day and night routine
    – Avoid certain irritants
    – Avoid certain substances