Herbal Care for Women

    Intimate care is a natural part of every woman\’s life. Every woman knows the principles of intimate care. Some of them may not know that cleaning agents can be substituted for herbal products. The use of perfume is definitely not recommended for intimate hygiene. The basis for cleansing is pure water that does not disturb the optimal PH. Therefore, the use of synthetic products should be avoided. Always choose the most gentle products. The cleansing process can be done using purchased or homemade herbal products.
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    Herbal sitz baths can also be tried. For example, prepare calendula, yarrow, and chamomile sitz baths. Take a handful of dried herbs, pour in a liter of boiling water, and let sit for 30 minutes. Then strain. The temperature of the water should be comfortable for you. There are other herbs for women. The traditional herb for women is contriher. You can read about its use in historical herbal books. Its uses are wide-ranging, and it is effective for many women\’s problems. It is commonly used in the form of a tea or a sitz bath. Malargas is another herb suitable for women. It has a positive effect on the uterine musculature. Its use is completely harmless and has no side effects. Calendula and yarrow are suitable for inflamed, irritated, and inflamed skin. Women suffering from fungal infections will appreciate tea tree oil. This oil has strong antiseptic properties.
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    For problems with dry mucous membranes, coconut oil is recommended. It moisturizes mucous membranes but is not irritating. Before using natural products, consider that improper use can cause itching and burning in the intimate areas. Hygiene of the intimate area includes appropriate clothing. Undergarments should be pure cotton, and poorly breathable or synthetic trousers should not be worn.