Cosmetics for Babies – What Should and Should Not Be Done?

    Baby skin (especially baby skin) is much more sensitive and delicate than the skin of teenagers or parents. Therefore, when choosing cosmetics, all criteria and requirements must be met to ensure that the skin is not only protected but also cared for without unnecessary strain. Your baby deserves the best care possible, and it is up to you to make sure that this is the case. How do I choose the right cosmetics for my baby and how much do I actually need?
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    The basic rule is one brand!

    Before you buy everything you think your baby\’s skin needs (because you learned about it on a website), you need to know how your baby\’s skin will react to that particular type of cosmetic.
    In most cases, all baby products are strictly controlled and do not contain harmful ingredients, but nevertheless babies can have allergic reactions to cosmetics.
    Therefore, try one kind and if your baby seems to accept it, buy everything else from one brand that suits your baby. Mixing several brands of cosmetics for any reason is not recommended! Stay loyal to one brand and don\’t change it for at least the first year of your baby\’s life.

    Hydration is the first priority

    Baby\’s skin is dry and made up of thin layers of cells and tissue. Therefore, it is vulnerable to contact with water and tends to peel and scale frequently. Increasing hydration after the baby\’s bath as well as during the day can help prevent this phenomenon. Pay special attention to the folds, behind the ears, and underarms. These areas are often poorly lubricated and are most prone to dryness due to frequent rubbing.
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    Proven as well as tips on appropriate baby cosmetics:
    From the drug store:
    – NIVEA
    From the pharmacy:
    – WELEDA
    Made abroad:
    For baby cosmetics, you should consult a pediatrician with many years of experience. Of course, which one you choose is up to you, and which one is right for your baby in the first place.