Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

    Hitotsumami no Monogatari
    After a while to boot and wait for everything to load, it throws you in the middle of the forest, and at night in the exciting winter weather. You play as Arthur Morgan, an outlaw and a bandit with a bounty on his head. Together with his companions, he is looking for shelter from the incoming blizzard. Of course, it will not go completely smoothly and you will not avoid a shootout. In doing so, you will save a widow who turns out to be an important and well-written character. My favorite. Three days later you will be sent to find the lost gang member – John Marston. Anyone who has played RDR knows who they are talking about. And just let\’s say you will find him in time. Then it will not take long and you will finally get out of the mountains to the warm environment of Valentine. In this way the first chapter begins.
    I have to say that the first 3/1 of the game is slow to start the story. Sometimes the boring part. It\’s also very easy to deviate from the main story for a long time because of theStrangermission. rock stars did well, didn\’t they? Up to the task you need to collect cards from a pack of cigarettes. I did not manage to complete a single collection throughout the game.
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    But after a serious failure of 1 robbery, the plot takes a completely different direction. Nothing is so slow that you wonder how fast everything will go. And this can not be considered a minus. It makes sense in this situation. Why, I can not write it. It will be the main spoiler.
    At first, it was hard to know who is who. Some of the names immediately stuck in my mind, but later, when I had to go steal some “bills” and stagecoach, I knew immediately who it was, of course, who played the first RDR already most of the characters.
    It is written that the character and background of the cronies are wonderful. I was able to build a relationship with them, like Arthur, during the performance at that time. Positive or negative. Just like in the real world, not everyone suits you.
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    World Comprehensive
    The design of the map forces you to explore all the rocks, trees and stones. There are so many interesting places that you can not just resist the temptation. I also found nothing to repeat itself. For example, as in other games cave environment.
    When HDR is turned on, you can get the most out of your graphics. It will greatly improve it and you will really feel like the wild West… More like the East. The only thing I would recommend is the texture. Especially in vegetation, we could see how some were ripped off. Some of it may spoil the impression, but it\’s more of a problem for us perfectionists.

    In conclusion, Red Dead Redemption can captivate you with the culmination of the story, the character\’s personality and the breathtaking scenery. For me, the game of 2018 had little to do with it. I rate it as 8.5/10.