Poverty is no loss of honor?

    Poverty of honor is not lostRetirement or loss of employment at an age when one is already entitled to a retirement pension unfortunately entails a reduction in income. Unfortunately, the reduction is quite large. The amount paid out as a pension is not surprising, and the increase is not enough to cover inflation. In other words, unless the elderly are healthy enough to earn extra money, the economic situation is not very rosy. If they are old enough to still work, they may be able to save some for a rainy day, but not a tremendous amount. [More than 100,000 people over the age of 60 face debt collection proceedings. Nearly half of them are facing multiple foreclosures. Those still in retirement are not much better off either. Thus, these citizens are on the brink of poverty despite having worked all their lives, paid taxes to the government, paid health and social insurance, supported their children\’s education, and paid off their homes. This is a rather sad finding. Is there any way to help these people?
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    Don\’t be afraid to ask for help

    If you or someone close to you finds themselves in this difficult living situation, don\’t suffer alone. You can do this. There are organizations and associations that work to help those in need who are on the brink of poverty. Anyone can fall into this situation and not have to carelessly take out a loan or purchase a product and pay back the loan at an unfavorably and unnecessarily high interest rate. Prices are really high now, not only for housing, but also for food and medicine. Then, after paying for all the necessities of life, there is little left for a normal pension. This is especially true for single people. In order to avoid ending up in foreclosure, we need to start solving our financial problems in time. And this is true at any age.