narcissism as a trend?

    Over the past year, self-love has been portrayed everywhere: social media, websites, and even TV shows. Come to think of it, it\’s no wonder we don\’t know many people who are happy and at peace with themselves.
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    Women and young girls in particular suffer from a lack of self-love. The answer is very simple. On social media and television, we see only perfect photos of “influencers,” actresses, models, fitness trainers, and God knows who else. By nature, I suppose we tend to compare ourselves and think we are inferior to others in some way. And it all stems from that. Most women, or women with thousands of followers on Instagram, for example, would never put a picture of themselves on their profile in the morning when their hair is standing on end and they are sleepy. So why should you feel bad when you look like this upon waking up? No problem at all.
    If you want to improve your self-love, try these tips!
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    Clean up your Instagram
    You may not admit it, but following models and such may not do you any good. This may be the very thing that causes you to “hate” yourself and put yourself down. You never know what is behind the picture. Some fitness women strut in front of a mirror, but mostly it\’s a matter of light and pose. If she were standing perfectly normal, she might have a peak, because she might have a peak too. But maybe she\’s also been on a diet for a long time and looks physically beautiful, but mentally she\’s in a terrible state. If you\’re comparing yourself to someone on social media, you\’ll find that it\’s a great relief if you really try to stop following that person.18]
    If you think you look terrible today and makeup won\’t help you, you\’re wrong. Put on some makeup and have a great day. Yes, self-love is about loving yourself as you are. You don\’t have to wear red lipstick or shadow, just a little mascara and blush on your cheeks can make you feel more alive than before. Dress nice and comfortable and you\’ll be functioning better in no time. Or buy something nice and tell yourself you look great wearing it.
    Say you look good
    Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. You see yourself lacking confidence in yourself, but why? Every woman is beautiful and flawed. Isn\’t that the way it is? Not everyone can have a model\’s figure, thick hair, and long legs. It may sound cliché, but love yourself for who you are. We all have things that we are good at; we all have things that we are good at; we all have things that we are good at.