World Wide Web

    Just a few years ago, there was much discussion about how many more years it would take before a truly global Internet network that could be connected from anywhere on the planet would actually become a reality. Musk and his project plan to launch the most powerful rocket yet built, the Falcon Heavy, which in the future will orbit some 7,500,000 satellites and cover the entire planet with an Internet signal.
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    This is not mere wishful thinking

    Mask has more than what it takes to do it all. All that is needed to implement such a plan is politics and overcoming some licenses. While it will be some time before the planet truly enters the age of the global Internet, Eron\’s company estimates that by 2025 their Internet network will be successful enough to connect more than 40 million customers and generate more than $30 billion in annual subscription revenues This is indeed a thoughtful business plan. This is a thoughtful business plan indeed, and one that could catapult Mr. Musk into a whole different world of possibilities.
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    The Global Internet satelit oko.
    But what is the downside? No one has mentioned that yet. We can only hope that nothing will happen and that gradually our Internet connections will get off the routers and into orbit, free of the many signals that conspiracy theory sites lament. But now it is about to affect us all again. For the sake of the Internet around the world, I pray that this surge will not harm humans, but only benefit them. Because if this Internet is really going to be for everyone, it also needs to be translated for everyone. At least, the interface of the services that the Internet wants to provide.
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    So we eagerly await the next developments. Do yourself a favor and check back to stay up-to-date!