Children and family finances

    Teaching financial literacy to a 3-year-old can be difficult. When you start giving your child an allowance, you should also start talking about helping them understand the basics of family finances. Children are always looking for new toys, clothes, cell phones, computers, or trips. If the child does not know how much money at most a family can spend in a month, the child\’s demands will continue to grow. You or your employer can reward your child. Teenagers in particular will appreciate and welcome the extra income. How can you expose your child to the financial world, how can you teach him or her how to manage money, and what are the benefits of a part-time job for your child and you? To find out, read on!
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    How do I show my child the family budget?

    It\’s easy: If you haven\’t already kept track of how much you “eat,” “eat out,” or “eat in” in a month, start. Once you have a rough idea, call your child and explain how much you spent. Prove to them that they should not continue to make up stories at an early age. The hopes of an adolescent child can put you in a financial bind.

    Pocket money

    Pocket money is probably the best way to teach your child about frugality. A child has only a limited budget for the week, and it is up to him or her whether to spend all of that money on Monday or save it for something else. The child will understand the importance of money in his or her life. It is also necessary not to change the amount of allowance too much. The child needs to become accustomed to a certain regularity that is expected when he or she later finds a job.

    Work Experience

    Once a child is at least 15 years old, he or she can begin applying for a job to earn his or her own income. Such offers are always best during the holidays, when many employees take vacations at the company and employers have none. Getting a part-time job may not be as easy as it seems. Income and performance may not be proportional. If your child signs a contract, by all means follow it. It must also be signed by a legal representative. The child will then usually receive the money in an account.
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    Therefore, children should be allowed to participate in the family finances as soon as possible.