Anyone can hit rock bottom

    Money problems can affect anyone, even those who appear to be very conscientious and always looking out the back door. After all, misfortune does not walk on mountains; it walks on people.
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    Many who have never experienced anything like this will tell you that these financial problems do not affect them because they are saving money on a daily basis. This, of course, acts as a shock cushion to soften the fall when the unexpected occurs.

    The problem, however, is that you can accumulate as much wealth as you want, but if fate strikes you down, it won\’t help. All it takes is a few financial problems piling up at once.

    You might have a disaster at home: your apartment floods, your gas boiler explodes, or a storm blows off your roof. A new roof can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of kroner. Combine such disasters with lingering health problems and layoffs, and you are in big trouble.

    Even those who previously thought they would be unaffected can easily fall into financial ruin. And few people are so thoroughly and bulletproofly insured against all eventualities that an insurance policy will solve everything. Most people are only insured for the smallest possible eventuality. And most insurance companies are so thorough in finding reasons not to pay out that they rarely do.
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    So if you have really hit rock bottom financially, you have few options as to what to do. First, ask a relative or friend to lend you the money you need in the short term. Then, if there are no willing or wealthy people in your area, you have to take out a regular loan.