Working for a small business or a large company?

    The unemployment rate is almost zero, there is a large supply of jobs available, and the demand for employees is great, making it a good time to change jobs. Are you thinking about changing jobs and not sure if the company is right for you? There are considerable differences between large and small companies, and neither option may be right for everyone. Which is right for you? Whether to work for a large or small company depends on one\’s personality and individuality.
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    1. large company
    With globalization, large global companies with branches, production plants, assembly plants, warehouses, e-shops, or stores have emerged in our markets. These companies usually have relatively large traditions in their home countries and have sufficient capital to expand their operations. Such firms are usually very solvent and reliable, but they can also be quite impersonal. The large size also means that the employees do not know each other or even the top management. Everyone in the office knows each other, but the sheer size of the firm, being an international company with offices on most continents, makes it impossible to organize large events for everyone.
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    2. small businesses and corporations teamová práce.
    Small firms and small businesses have both advantages and disadvantages for their employees compared to large multinational corporations. The main advantage is that all employees know each other, usually very well. For small firms, team building for all employees is not much of a problem.
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    Additionally, employees usually know the top management and founders of the company, which also has its advantages. The main disadvantage is that small firms are more vulnerable in the market and not as stable as larger firms. Of course, this is a very personal thing and each company is different, but it is true that smaller companies often pay less and offer fewer benefits. But also, it is often a more relaxed job.