The Velvet Revolution after 30 years

    In 1989, countless demonstrations against the then regime took place in Prague. These demos really lasted a year and the day everything changed was just 17. 1989-11. Many remember this day as one of the most cruel and, most importantly, the coldest days of the year.1 The attack by the police was very strong. Some of them beat and kicked students with long batons. The police officer punched a woman, a man and a child. At that time, this event was calledthe “velvet” or “tender” revolution.

    Graffiti, lidé

    This year\’s 2019 marks exactly30 yearsfrom the collapse of communism and the emergence of a democratic state. There were celebrations that took place peacefully without massive police intervention. We honored the memory of Jan Palach, who set fire50 years agoin protest of the company\’s resignation. We have celebrated15 yearssince joining the European Union. On 17. On the 11th Month, a celebration was held in the form of musical and theatrical performances, and after 30 years 30 million people took to the city.

    The state has come a long way since the Velvet Revolution, and a lot has changed at that time. In 1993an independent Czech Republic was established. In 1999, the Czech Republic became a member of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO). In 2001-9, the worst terrorist attack in the United States occurred, killing 19 people, including 2,996 hijackers. Since 2004, the Czech Republic has joined the European Union. In 2006,The Pendolino High-speed Train first appeared on our tracks. In 2011, the last Czechoslovak president Wenceslas Havel died in his villa in Hradecek. The first direct election of the president took place in 2013, with Milos Zeman winning.Since 2016,Donald Trump has become President of the United States. In 2018 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia.
    Sametová revoluce, povstání

    The Velvet Revolution left each of us with a piece of freedom, honor, and hope for a new and better life. Wenceslas Havel once said: “Truth and love must prevail over lies and hatred.“