vacation by car

    However, driving is a problem for the vacation itself. A responsible driver properly checks his or her car before going on vacation. I don\’t mean whether everything in the car lights up, flashes, honks the horn, or wipes the windshield wipers. After all, you can start with those.

    It is frustrating when you encounter heavy rain on the road. Driving becomes stressful if the windshield wipers are not secure. So pay attention to this detail before your vacation. Poorly wiped wipers can even cause serious accidents. What you should be able to see, you see a second or two later. That\’s enough. You\’re in trouble.

    Kontrolou vozu dovolená začíná

    Start your inspection at the bottom. Tires may be fine under normal traffic, but they can stand up to a check for bulges. By the way, you can also measure the tire pressure.Pay close attention to the brake lines under the car. If they show signs of age or wear, have them replaced. They could rupture while you are on vacation.Tilt your ears to check the exhaust and see if any fluids are dripping from the engine compartment. It could be oil or coolant. If this is the case, it is a good idea to have a mechanic examine it.Also check that the clutch is connected properly, that the clutch pedal is back and that the gears shift smoothly. Failure to shift gears is a sign of future clutch failure. The car will definitely stop for several days.

    Brzdy musí být v pořádku

    When packing luggage, start with items that you are certain contain nothing you will need along the way. This luggage will be completely undermined, and if you need to retrieve medications, for example, you may have to unload the entire luggage container somewhere in the parking lot and reload it later. That is something we really want to avoid.

    For summer vacation, it would be good to have a car refrigerator. Not only does it keep the drink cold, but it also keeps the chicken cutlet from becoming a salmonella bomb during transport.