Where does natural beauty lead?

    Being naturally beautiful is a talent that is more highly valued today than gold. Some actresses and models are called naturally beautiful. Sure, they may look that way in social networking photos, but they are not just taking a photo right after waking up wrinkled, swollen, and disheveled like normal humans. They, too, may have cellulite, small breasts, gray hair, hairy legs, bad teeth, and body shape. Their perfect figure in fashion shows, movies, and on the red carpet is the result of hard work.
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    For some, natural beauty begins with the tiniest trace of makeup. But for the same person, a dozen tattoos or a tongue piercing may be part of naturalness. Elsewhere, “standard” plastic surgery of the breasts or buttocks or even reshaping of the nose or lips is considered normal. Dyed hair, for example, is no longer a concern for anyone today. And for women in Western societies, shaving armpits and legs is absolutely essential. To get even closer to the ideal of natural beauty , we torture our bodies with diets and exercises that are currently in vogue.
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    Artificial naturalness
    Of course, many women are beautiful without makeup and without makeup, but I dare say that most women take care of themselves in some way. Starting with their teeth, plucking their eyebrows, shaving, combing and cutting their hair, applying deodorant and perfume, and ending with applying makeup. All these are, more or less, the basic care of today\’s civilized woman. And those who regularly shave, cut, dye their hair, dress, shoe, wear makeup, and take medicine are, after all, far from being natural persons. Yet we have good reason to take care of ourselves. But why do we still pursue “perfect” beauty?
    Perfect balance
    When we encounter someone who is visibly unkempt, we certainly don\’t want to ride the bus with them. On the other hand, if I see an overly made-up woman with hydrogen peroxide bleached hair and high heels, I will not forgive myself for saying a bad word. Today\’s ideal is to look as “natural” as possible while systematically taking care of yourself with the help of professionals and cosmetics. Or to find the perfect balance between naturalness, health, and beauty
    and external artificial intervention
    . Even within the same family, opinions often differ. I myself cannot understand plucking my eyebrows and then drawing them with a pencil, or wearing false nails or pinwheels. On the other hand, I have whitened my teeth since I was 15, dyed my hair, and never go to bed without carefully removing my makeup.
    In short, everyone has their own way of being happy with their bodies. If you truly want natural beauty, stand naked in front of the mirror in the morning and be satisfied with the way you look. Don\’t clench your stomach.