Katana is a type of Japanese sword that has been used since the 15th century. It has been hardened 7 times with translated steel. It has a slightly curved blade.The swordhad a curved blade similar to a saber, with only 1 blade. The length of the sword varies from about 60 centimeters to 90 centimeters. It was worn bysamuraihiding behind the waist with the blade up. Along with the short sword worn, the sword was a symbol of the samurai class.
    samaraj s mečem
    Such swords began to appear from the 15th century. In the Muromachi period, this set of swords was the standard weapon of all samurai. Long swords were intended to fight in open spaces, as opposed to short swords that were used to fight in small, cramped spaces. It can also be used for ritual suicide.

    Blade as razor

    The bladeof the sword was made of hard steel, which was high in carbon, and mild steel, which was low in carbon. There are also different combinations of both of these steels. The blade of the sword was always hardened, so the hardness of the blade was much higher, while maintaining the strength of the blade of the sword. The rest of the blade was not cut to avoid the possibility and remained softer, breaking the blade. It had to remain flexible.

    Currently, the price of the sword is around 400,000-500,000 yen (80,000-100,000 crowns). However, katana, which is made of high-carbon steel, but without the use of traditional techniques, is nothing more than an imitation of artistic value
    japonská katana

    The origins of Katana

    The method of processing steel into katana and the single-edged sword itself are most likely brought from China to Japan in the early 10th century. Swords produced in Japan between 987 and 1597 are called “old swords”. They are the beginning of Japanese art in weapon smithing.

    These original swords had an irregular curvature of the blade, which was most pronounced on the handle. With the development of the sword, its curvature gradually shifted towards the tip of the blade. Such a sword is a classic with a large curvature and comes from a sword created in the mid-Hainan period for the needs of a growing military layer.