Phone and Phone

    When mobile phones began conquering the world 30 years ago, it was definitely a big revolution. After all, until then, we had to be chained to a landline and talk on the phone in advance. In addition, most people had the Internet by phone, and all these activities had to be planned in advance for the whole family, it was not always easy. The first phones were huge, but you already had them available everywhere.

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    They were very expensive and few people could afford them, but that was the beginning of the phone revolution. The phone began to shrink gradually until it became comfortable to fit with one hand and convenient to operate with one hand. In addition, prices became more favorable, and by 2005, mobile phones were already a common part of most of our households. It was not a dizzying technology, but SMS, calls, and later the Internet and songs were enough. So we started using mobile phones more often. Their main purpose was communication, improved by the Internet and many applications that make our lives more or less easier. And since they began to make life very easy for us and provide us with entertainment, we logically began to use them very often.

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    Work and play
    Many people work through computers, and with the advent of smartphones, they can work virtually anywhere, anytime. Perhaps everyone likes music – why not listen to it on the phone when it offers. The majority of people use apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms to communicate- why not when it\’s possible. We have become accustomed to working from mobile phones, communicating from mobile phones and taking pictures on mobile phones, but mobile phones are simply an integral part of the lives of all of us. Unfortunately, some people forget that it is just a box that is supposed to make life easier and more comfortable for us. You may prefer to stare at the screen rather than enjoy it together. We do not go to movies with someone, but watch movies online. We call for hours and meet in person instead of spending a day in the online world. It\’s not our fault, it\’s our fault. We need to realize that mobile is not a person, it is just a box that is supposed to serve us, and we do not eat it.