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    Audrey HepburnFor many years, naturally dominated the ranking of the most beautiful women in the world. Women around the world are imitating and still imitating her models, make-up and hairstyles. Her most famous films include Breakfast at Tiffany\’s, My Fair Lady, Charade and How to steal Venus. The film “Roman Holiday”, in which she describes a young princess who is eager to experience real life, brought her immortality, at least on the screen.
    krásná herečka
    Young people of the future movie star
    She was born in Brussels in 1929 as Edda van Heemstra Hepburn-Ruston. Her mother was a Dutch baroness, and her father was an Irish banker. Her parents divorced when she was 6 years old. She spent several months at a boarding school in England before returning to live with her mother in the Netherlands. 2 in the world rankings. World War II. Audrey experienced starvation, air strikes,her house was bombed. She did not like to think about that time, it was a daily struggle for survival. Her mother worked hard to keep going to ballet classes. Audrey herself once said that more than anything in the worldshe feared war, and above all human suffering, which is closely related to it. Already at this time she laid the foundation for her very slender figure, at this time she learned to eat small portions and was so for the rest of her life. Her passion was chocolate.
    Audrey v klobouku
    The End of ballet
    Edda became too tall, so she had to give up her dream of a ballet career. At the age of 16, she moved to London with her mother, and it was at this time that she changed her name from Eddy to Audrey. He then moved to New York City, where he achieved success with Gigi on Broadway. The shooting was not so long. The film in which she starred with Gregory PeckRoman Holidayis still considered the best romantic comedy today. Gregory Peck even proposed to Audrey after the shooting, but she refused him. She won an Oscar for the role of Princess Anne.
    Carey a Audrey
    Unhappy in marriage
    She met her first husband,Melferereon the set of the 1954 film. They married two years later, on the set of war and peace. Unfortunately, the first child Audrey miscarried, Mel gave birth to her success greatly, he was unfaithful to her, and the marriage does not save even the birth of a son Sean in 1960 they finally divorced in 1968. Audrey had numerous affairs with successful men like Gary Cooper and President Kennedy, and spent her entire life looking for that great true love In 1969, when she married psychiatrist Dotty and had a son Luca. Even this man was not loyal to her, so she divorced him. She turned her attention to the suffering children of the Third World and became a UNICEF ambassador. At this time she found love with the actorRobert Waldersand she lived together until her death in 1993.