Before you get started, make sure you have the right tools. After all, one would be upset if the work could not be finished simply because the bolt could not be pulled out. Even these days, there are tasks that can be done by oneself without having to ask a workshop to do them . Also, from the maintenance workshop\’s point of view, they do not want to do small maintenance work because it is time-consuming and not worth the money. However, if you are skilled, you can easily handle something as simple as a light interior replacement. But the fact is that to really accomplish the task, the tools must beappropriate. If the wrong tools are chosen and the heads of the various bolts are damaged, such a minor repair can be very expensive.

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    Some tools are really useful

    When doing repairs yourself, you should not only have the right tools but also keep in mind other tools that are useful to have on hand. For example,a wire brushto clean corroded threads,penetrating oil,freezing sprayand a good stock of adhesivesare not a bad idea. This is not for gluing broken bolts, but for protection. Especially in joints that are exposed to high vibration, this method can protect the bolt. Also, there is no need to worry about the bolt becoming stuck later.

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    Penetrating Spray – Corroded threads can be quite tricky, and one easier way to deal with them is to clean and spray. If the threads are inaccessible, they are difficult to clean with a wire brush, and one must resort to the modern technique of simply loosening the threads after applying a penetrating spray.
    Freezing Spray – The method is special but also effective. It is sprayed on the bolt and shrinks it by rapidly lowering the temperature, which is of course the ideal timing. Apply it directly to the bolt, not elsewhere. If you don\’t know how to do this, just consult an auto mechanic who will gladly advise you.