Oldest plays

    Some of the oldest and most famous playwrights include William Shakespeare, Moliere and Oscar Wilde. These plays are still performed in theaters today and are familiar to many audiences.

    English poet and playwright William Shakespeare was born in 1564. He wrote about 38 plays. He wrote comedies, historical plays, tragedies, and sonnets. His most famous comedies include The Merchant of Venice, written around 1597; Much Ado About Nothing, written in 1599; The Taming of the Shrew, written in 1593; and his most famous comedy, A Midsummer Night\’s Dream

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    “Richard III,” “King John,” “Henry IV,” and “Henry VIII” are among the history plays William Shakespeare wrote primarily between 1591 and 1600.

    Shakespeare wrote this tragic tale of young lovers in Verona in 1595. One of Shakespeare\’s early tragedies; also famous for Hamlet, a tragedy about the King of Denmark written in 1601; around 1603, Shakespeare wrote Othello, and in 1606 he wrote Macbeth, inspired by the King of Scotland. This famous writer died in 1616.

    Jean-Baptiste Pocherin, known as Molière, was another famous writer and playwright. He was born in Paris in 1622. He wrote mainly comedies. His best-known works include “The Wretched Man” (1668), “Tartuffe” (1669), and the ballet comedy “The Healthy Sick Man” (1673). Moliere died of tuberculosis in 1673.

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    In 1854, the famous playwright Oscar Wilde was born in Ireland. He spent his entire life in England. In addition to prose and poetry, he wrote plays: in 1892 he wrote the play “Lady Windermere\’s Fan” and in 1895 the play “The Ideal Husband”. One of his most important works is the play “How Important It Is to Have Philip,” written in 1895. Oscar Wilde died in Paris in 1900.