Games Layers of Fear

    Do you like being scared? If so, this game is for you. When someone starts talking about Layers of Fear, many people will tell you they have never heard of this game. However, this game also blew up in 2016 when it first appeared, mainly on youtube platforms. In the horror game Layers of Fear, you start slowly exploring in an abandoned house and come across an art canvas. In this game, painting is important to the character you play, as painting is one of the main elements of the game. Once you discover the canvas, you, the character, begin to paint on it and begin to create your own story.

    Layers of Fears Hlavní banner

    After you have painted the first part of the picture, the game begins to show its true psycho-horror face. From the strange hallways, to the creepy women and children following you, not afraid to pop out from everywhere, to the puzzles, to the jumbled and repetitive rooms where you can get lost. As is obvious, the game really focuses a lot, and well, on letting you roam around until something jumps out at you and scares you.

    Layers of Fear

    Anyway, like most horror games, Layers of Fear has a very intricate and moving story about the character you play. However, that story can only be learned through various messages, items filled with memories of the main character, or flashbacks.

    At the end of the game, the painting is shown to be complete. After finishing the last stroke on the canvas, the player will walk around the abandoned house. And that is when what actually happened throughout the game and the story will be slapped in your face. This game is unique among horror games not only because of its interesting mechanics, but also because the elements used in the story are very original. With that said, do you like to be scared? If so, don\’t wait for anything.