Do you have a place to live?

    We still hold the European record for the number of mortgages taken out, even though mortgage rates are no longer at record lows, but rather rising steadily. This year, 2018, interest rates are likely to exceed 3%, and who knows what the final rate will be. Some experts are even talking about 6%.
    Wages, currency, and GDP are all rising.Its rapid growth will be replaced by an unpleasant slowdown, and it is clear that the mortgage bubble will burst. The high number of mortgages has driven up real estate prices ,while there is little interest in rental housing.
    At a time when it was not difficult to get a mortgage because interest rates were very low, people bought even overpriced properties quickly. Thus, today, young families in particular are already struggling to find apartments due to the shortage of thousands of apartments.
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    Real estate is the best investment
    and the best way to get a good return on your investment is to invest in real estate.
    What has also greatly stirred interest in real estate is the inability to value one\’s money in any other way. Real estate is always the best investment to make today. After all, we are constantly reminded that one day we will not even receive a pension, so buying an apartment, house, or land may provide long-term security. Owning one\’s own home is becoming the norm and provides basic livelihood security .
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    But can we afford it?

    But as interest in real estate becomes increasingly scarce,the problem of repaying mortgagesthat people take out to buy will become more and more common. Banks are becoming increasingly cautious in offering mortgages, and their rules are becoming stricter. People devote their entire lives to paying off their mortgages and cannot imagine how else they could afford their own home, even though the house is not really theirs until it is paid off. [No one is interested in renting because rents are usually so high that they rival mortgage payments.