Money for a Show

    Everyone must like money. That is, to each of those who know what such money is for and have the opportunity to properly spend such money.

    Perhaps the magic charm of money is also proved by the fact that you can buy what you want with it. Not just something, but anyone. It is known that everyone has a price, so as is known, the price is most easily expressed in money.
    balíčky pětistovek

    Of course, the beauty of money is not only that you can get something interesting with it. Money can be beautiful in itself. And perhaps even incredibly attractive, they lose their relevance for a long time, and even when a person does not buy anything for them. There is still some money in the stock market.
    muži na penězích

    Money has artistic value in addition to its nominal value. Of course, it is worth adding that not all money that has seen the light of day is art. There are things that are so boring that you can not see much, because kitsch is often made between banknotes and coins. Not to mention the images that are due to the times and the regime and can hurt many banknotes.

    And since there are all kinds of banknotes, there are some comparisons here and there. To find out which banknote is a remarkable outsider, and most importantly, it can deprive itself of the privilege of becoming a made “miss banknote”.

    1 of those things could have been able to please our guys. How it became known, Hradčany from Stokorna, paid in parallel with the unpopular with Gottwald, was ranked fourth in the world after the second half of its creation century, and even topped the US dollar itself.

    It is said to have been hosted by Thomas Hockenful of the British Museum, which houses about 15 million exhibits from around the world, and our old hundred crowns stood at the top with only 3 banknotes from Ecuador, England and Germany.

    Our old stokoruna was so thoughtful and almost stood on the podium. And it does not change the fact that the information also surfaced, and it has a fairly tangy touch when properly formulated.

    It is believed that on the other side of Hradjany is depicted the wife of a paper money painter. And this banknote came out in 100 thousand pieces of 4\’3, so surely everyone could have and had this woman in his time. And not just a man.