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    You may also know this. At the door, an insurance consultant will ring to visit you on the recommendation of some of your acquaintances, whom he has forced you to contact. Stupid of such a personstraightdismissedand throw them, so that you do not intend anything close. But the consultant in question will speak and speak until he is completely confused that the product he offers is the most profitable and the best offer on the market.This is limited in time, and in addition, with more and more contracts in 1 surprisingly advantageous package, you get an additional advantage.
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    Yes, it is tremendously beneficial for you until it comes to the fact that you want to get insurance benefits from the contract in question and you will find that you are entitled to some completely ridiculous amount that definitely does not cover the damages incurred. So you want to terminate the insurance policy, but in the contract you promised to do so, so you can see that this is actually not possible for 2 years, but the expensive insurance consultant somehow forgot to mention it, and in the contract it was written so cool that you simply did not notice it. It will be. So you continue to pay, you continue to pay, you are on your nerves, not paying is not worth it, so the only person who got from it is an expensive consultant who helped you with a new luxury car or an expensive foreign vacation, he and the insurance company are the only ones who earned on these contracts. And when you already know how unfavorable insurance this is, you start to contract from other concluded policies, and behold, they are as unfavorable as the one you applied for insurance benefits and unsubscribe for you.
    How is it now? I personally recommendto terminate such a contract as soon as possibleand then quietly and wisely conclude a new contract that is really beneficial to you. Get more offers from different insurance companies and compare them at home.
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    [41] [42] [43] [44] [45] [46 First of all, pay attention to the amount of insurance (usually in percentages), the value at which the insurance is valid at a given value, the amount of joint payments, the duration of the contract, the period for which the contract needs to be terminated, the period actually covered by the contract, and the time it takes for the insurance to be paid.Do you need to pay for insurance?Do you need to pay for insurance?Do you need to pay for insurance?Do you need to pay for insurance?Do you need to pay for insurance?Do you need to pay for insurance?Do you need to pay for insurance?Do you need to pay for insurance?You have to pay for insurance.
    life insurance andAccident insurance It is good to look at the same as property insurance, but such insurance is appropriate to cover sick leave, hospitalization, time at home with a sick child, compensation for serious illness or injury, as well as compensation for permanent consequences.