How to make ends meet

    MoneyAnd money again. A recurring theme. Do you have enough money or not enough money? How can we have as much as we need or want? At the same time, it is relatively easy to raise funds from sources other than savings. Credit cards and overdrafts are very accessible and quite widespread. There are alwaysloanoffers on TV, Internet, radio, etc., and even non-bank ones will lend you anything. In many cases, they will lend without even needing to prove their monthly income in a complicated way. However, this usually leads to insolvency, or worse, problems that later lead to foreclosure. There, however, there is no way to get it back.
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    Borrowing from friends and family is another major trend; after all, nothing happens if a person does not pay in a given month, but mistakes do happen. Very often this causes fissures between people, and in rare cases, unnecessary discord can end friendships and break up family relationships.
    Have you ever wonderedhow much you can earn on your own? It\’s not that easy, but anyone can do it. You just need to think about what you are actually spending your money on and whether it is absolutely necessary, or look for cheaper alternatives. Everyone has to decide for themselves, especially if they are spending unnecessarily on clothes, cosmetics, etc. Here, denying oneself the ability to save and leave
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    money for a rainy day is also a rather difficult question.
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    No one teaches you in school how to manage your own resources. Some people can face it and manage it, while others choose the easier way: loans. But can such people sleep peacefully? How can they live on other people\’s money? Is it like drugs? Can they borrow once, pay it back, and make it work? What is going on in their heads?