Housing in the Hands of Technology

    You have probably heard of smart cities. Obviously, while today\’s era can create such large spaces for smart things, it does not miss the smaller ones that can be considered smart homes or apartments. The purpose of these homes is to make the lives of their inhabitants as easy as possible, to provide the best comfort and protection, to save costs, and to reduce negative environmental impact.

    Ovládání domu

    The simplest approach is to build a smart home from the ground up. The initial cost will be higher than a normal home, but it should pay for itself gradually over the years. The most important part of the home is the central system, which can be easily controlled remotely throughout the house, even from a mobile app. Every part of the house is already automated. This means that heating and cooling, lighting, alarms, window shades, cameras, garage doors, door and window locks, TVs, other technical amenities of the house, and even the pool are automated. And if you own a smart refrigerator, you\’ll get alerts about food shortages, and the system will order it and deliver it to your door; if you know you\’ll be back in your modern home in an hour and the weather outside is really bad, you can turn on the heat, electric fireplace, or sauna, and with a touch of your smart phone and you\’ll arrive home to a warm, welcoming welcome.
    Moderní dům

    It\’s like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. The only idea is that you don\’t have to worry about anything. But the big problem starts when the power goes out. That means not only no lights, but not even heat. Another threat comes from clever hackers, who have no problem hacking into the software of the house (although they won\’t tell the companies) and controlling it as they please.