It\’s been almost 5 years since my partner told me to race in a car. This has always fascinated me, so I had to admit I was really excited and never thought I\’d be so lucky just to meet someone driving a car race. So my partner told me that he wouldn\’t do it regularly, but he had done it 2 times in the past 5 years and he liked it so much that he thought he could do it all the time. You won\’t win money, but you might win a nice cup or medal. He showed me a couple of medals he had, that he won.

    S autem jezdí lidé do práce.

    I think it was a really big and interesting achievement because even though he only had 2 medals, it was both gold, and ro has already said about his qualifications, right? So my partner told me that it wouldn\’t hurt if he tried. My partner also asked me if I wanted to race in a car. What? I looked at them and thought he must have gone crazy. It\’s a race in the car with me, where did he get it? Of course, my partner and I are planning a family, so I could not risk my life like that, and if I had a baby, I would not have a baby.

    Auto má doma každý.

    ” My life goal is to have a baby and driving a competitive car is not my life goal, but every time I see my partner enjoying it, I enjoy it when I\’m in the audience watching my partner drive the car perfectly. And how beautiful he chooses a turn, so I have to say that he is really very clever. Have you ever been to a car race? You also need to pay attention to how many times the car will make the wrong turn and the car will spill somewhere in the auditorium. This happened twice before, and I must say, it is very dangerous. And because of this, 1 little girl was already dead, and the car made the wrong turn and jumped out of the lane, wiping out 4 spectators, and 1 of them unfortunately died.