Do you know how to care for your dog in the summer?

    The risk of summer overheating is a threat to everyone and we try to prevent it in every way possible. However, we sometimes forget that the heat not only puts us humans at risk, but also our four-legged friends. This is manifested in the dog\’s unresponsiveness, rapid breathing, and excessive drooling. Such conditions can lead to dangerous health complications and require immediate veterinary attention.
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    To prevent this condition, here are a few things you should always remember when caring for your dog.
    1. always carry bottled water with you and do not allow your dog to drink dirty water from puddles.
    2. choose a shorter cut during the summer months to protect your dog\’s skin from the sun while preventing unnecessary heat retention.
    3. do not expose your dog to direct sunlight unnecessarily. Instead, choose a walking route that allows them to hide in the shade. Also, be aware that hot surfaces, especially in the city, can erode the skin on the paws. It is also advisable to lubricate the paws during such exercise.
    4. take the dog to the water to cool down. Dogs do not need to go for long walks in the hot summer to cool off and tire themselves out comfortably. If such an option is not available, at least pour warm water on your dog.
    5. do not leave dogs in poorly ventilated areas! Every year several dogs die from overheating in cars left behind by their owners. At the very least, keep the windows open. Do not put the dog in the trunk, but in an air-conditioned cabin. Of course, use seat belts.
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    When cooling the dog, be careful not to cause thermal shock. Do not just plunge the dog into ice water, but pour warm water over the dog\’s paws first. Similarly, when returning from a walk, pour lukewarm water on the dog\’s paws first, but do not immediately put the dog under a cold shower.