Xiaomi Mi Band 3

    For pairing and the ability to take full advantage of all the features of the bracelet, it is best to choose a bracelet from the same manufacturer as your phone. Of course, devices from other manufacturers can be paired, but compatibility may not be completely 100%. I chose the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 because of the good reputation of the previous model, the Mi Band 2, and I do not regret my purchase, even if there were some bugs.

    Propojit lze i výrobky různých značek.

    Let me start with the positives. For me personally, the best feature of the band is the ability to be notified of incoming calls. The bracelet does not emit sound, but it begins to vibrate violently. Cell phones are getting bigger and bigger and no longer fit in a pants pocket. Every woman knows how shallow the bottom of her handbag is, so often she cannot hear the ringtone. But the bracelet will let you know, and the crisis is averted.

    Another great feature is the cell phone search option. Simply select the search function on your watch and if you are far enough away from your cell phone, the phone will start ringing. Cool.
    Náramek se hodí na chůzi i sport.

    My favorite feature is the sleep monitoring feature, where the wristband periodically measures your heart rate and rates the length and quality of your sleep accordingly. The ability to compare measurements with other wristband users is also interesting.

    If you want to share your sports performance, simply turn on location tracking, select a running or cycling activity, and the mobile app will plot the exact route you took.

    Also, one downside is that the step count is inaccurate; no wristband is 100% reliable, but this model will read your steps even if you are riding a tram or subway. Also, if you brush your hair while standing up, it adds to your step count. I thought it was counting the waving of my hand, but it also counted when I walked down the street without moving my arm with my purse draped over my elbow. I think it is reacting to the swaying of my body. All in all, I am completely satisfied with the Mi Band 3.